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Day One Sell-Through Initiative

There are several initiatives on-going for the Day One programs:

Student Training... Nelson representatives visit classrooms and provide demonstrations of the key features of the book and technology-based course materials to instructors and students at the beginning of each term. To date, Nelson representatives have completed hundreds of in-services, with many more scheduled for September 2008. We’re also providing additional free resources to help ensure that students achieve success, and realize the value of the textbook in doing so.

Professor Tools... Tools such as e-mails, Lecture Launchers, and student flyers are built for professors to use on their own to illustrate the value of adopted course material.

Nelson's Higher Education Group Sales Force... We're communicating sell-through and value messaging through several channels in an effort to educate Students and Faculty through our Sales Force.

Sales representatives and their sales management team are in the field carrying messaging to professors about "using" what they adopt and asking them to tell their students they will have homework and will be tested from the book's content. They are also asking for the opportunity to train students on the adopted course material through our Day One program. For examples of these tools, visit Classroom Tools

If the students see the value of the book/technology that's being adopted they are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. Help us communicate the power of the Day One program to your faculty. Future efforts include "value" messaging in our ads to professors as well as in the visual prefaces they read when they are reviewing textbooks to adopt.